About Us

At the Music and Smiles Nursery, infants and toddlers are cared for in a warm and nurturing environment, full of music and smiles. A bilingual nursery in North Tel-Aviv, we provide a safe and loving environment for your child.

Nursery & Daycare


As a parent, balancing between taking care of your baby and putting food on the table may seem impossible. However, once you find the right daycare in Tel Aviv, things become easier and you get more time on your hands.
At the Music and Smiles Nursery, your toddler is given the care he/she craves in the most nurturing environment. We encourage infants to learn through the only thing they know best – playing. The teachers are dedicated to making your child feel happier and safer. And they achieve this by first establishing a bond with the toddlers so that they can gain their trust.

The first two years of your child’s life are very crucial. It is during this period when they develop motor skills, learn how to talk, listen, and socialize. Establishing an educational foundation during this period can go a long way in initiating rapid growth and brain development.

Through interaction between the toddler and the teacher, he/she will be able to recognize the teacher’s voice and react towards it. The social interaction also extends when the child plays with other kids in the classroom under the supervision of a teacher.

For every day that you bring your child to the daycare, they will go through different experiences that promote mind and body health. We always have lined up a set of stimulating activities which help in language development. Thanks to educational toys, reading books, and singing. Your child will boost their visual skills.

To increase eye-hand coordination, we encourage the kids to work on activities such as sorting shapes, throwing, manipulating objects, and building blocks. All these activities contribute to the mental, physical, and emotional development of toddlers.


Music and Smiles Nursery provides a safe, loving, and warm environment, to help your child explore their potential.


Our ‘tzaharon’ (after school program) is here to expand the morning program, in a loving, supportive environment. 


A fun and educational Hebrew & English environment, to expose your child to both languages through speech, music, and other activities.